Sunday, August 18, 2019

TRP! (8/16/19)

  • The long reach of the "Clinton Murder Machine" grasps yet another victim!!! ...Democrat Financier, convicted pedophile, & trafficker of children for sex, Jeffrey Epstein, is found dead in his NY jail cell under very questionable circumstances!!! ..."The Democrat secrets of flagrant degeneracy now die with him..." ..."You cannot have a Republic with this going on!!!"
  • The "media criminals" say his death was a "perfect storm"... But, as Albert Einstein said, "There are no coincidences!!!" ...And as Michael Corleone said, "If history has taught us anything... it is that you can kill anyone!!!"
  • To the Left death solves all problems... No man No Problem!!!
  • Remember the British were involved in the framing of our "Beloved, Magnificent, Heroic, President DJT... the Honest President!!!" ..."If anything questionable happens to him America will be finished!!!"
  • The circumstances of all this reminds Frank of the Catiline Conspiracy...
  • There is a level of sickness in this country... A cancer that allows one set of laws for the Patricians and one for the Plebs!!!
  • "There is No greater force among nations than Nationalism!!!" ..."America First!!!"
  • The Leftist one-wurrrldders wanted a one-wurrrld language called Esperanto... 
  • In the NBA the word "owner" is now deemed to be racist and offensive... LOL...These evil owners give them 10's of millions of dollars to play a kids game...
  • Peter Fonda becomes a good red!!!
  • Chris Cuomo proves that the final solution for all Leftists is violence as he threatens to assault a man... 
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