Sunday, August 4, 2019

TRP! (8/2/19)

  • Frank fittingly renames "the Ronald Reagan Building" ..."the DJT Building!!!"
  • "They attack... DJT Fights Back! ...They attack... DJT Fights Back!! ...They attack... DJT Fights Back!!!" ..."Finally we have a President who is in our corner and he comes out swinging!!!"
  • "DJT the True Man of Action!!!" doesn't give any quarter to America's enemies!!!
  • "That two legged vermin Elijah Cummings got his comeuppanse!!!" ..."He's nothing more than a crook and a nasty scumbag!!!" ...Baltimore is a literal and figurative toilet!!!
  • "The Cry of Racism is the last bastion of a Left-wing Neo-Bolshevik Coward!!!" ..."They are an enemy-criminal-entity!!!" ..."WE LAUGH... every time they call us racist!!!"
  • TRP and real conservatives do not believe in special privileges for anyone!!! ..."Liberty to all Favors to None!!!"
  • Ole Fool Biden thinks he's running in 3030!!! ...LOL!!! or was that 30330!?!?
  • Frank predicted long ago and still believes that "Gorilla Cookie" will still jump in the race!!!
  • The resiliency and strength of the American people can accomplish anything while led by "DJT... He Fights Back President!!!"
  • "Giving the Left suicide assistance November 6th, 2020 will be the humane thing to do!!!"
  • Everything China makes is inferior to the United States!!! ...Thanks to DJT America has a "muscular foreign policy" once again!!!
  • "The Left are Political Pedophiles!!!"
  • "Every Left-winger must kiss the ring of poverty pimp and renowned criminal Al Sharpton!!!" ..."A vile anti-semite and vicious racist of colour!!!"
  • "DJT was 100% right about the corruption in Puerto Rico!!!"
  • "The Left should march to the white house self-flagellating themselves for all their miserable lies!!!"
  • "It is the trade of lawyers to question everything, yield nothing, and talk by the hour!!!" --The Immortal Thomas Jefferson, Founder of the Republican Party!!!
  • Mercy Otis Warren was the TRUE "Founding Mother" of our country!!!
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Plus an EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: with heroic Climate Scientist, Dr. Anthony Lupo! Department chair and professor of atmospheric science at the University of Missouri. An unabashed & outspoken global warming skeptic that we are very proud to have on the program!