Sunday, December 1, 2019

TRP! (11/29/19)

  • Americans are indeed more confident than ever under "DJT the Fighting to Keep the Republic President!!!" ...Americans do not want this President impeached!!! ...The "do-nothing Democrats" are fracturing & imploding further and further before our very eyes everyday!!!
  • Frank emerged today from his Thanksgiving tryptophan coma thankful that we are guided by "our Great Heroic Magnificent Beloved DJT the No Surrender President!!!"
  • DJT is a real businessman!!! ...Little turd mayor Bloomahberger doesn't have a chance in hell of being President!!! ...He has no convictions or beliefs and can't buy this election!!!
  • America has a surplus of jobs thanks to DJT the "Economic Miracle President!!!"
  • If the Left confiscated all the wealth in the wurrrld and redistributed to everyone equally... in short order everyone that is rich today would be rich again because they have the knack and the knowledge for the acquisition of wealth...
  • "Under Bolshevism only the elite nomenclatura live well... the rest of the population lives (if they are lucky) at a subsistence level!!!"
  • 250 years ago the term "liberalism" had a very different meaning... The Left has co-opted the term that used to represent freedom and liberty... (the exact opposite of what they stand for today!!!)
  • "The only crime this president has committed is telling the American people the truth!!! ...The Left can't handle the truth!!!"
  • The Left have a problem with DJT's personality but had no problem with the degenerate whoremonger Bill Clinton's personality!!!
  • It's nothing but a "clown's gallery" in the "Neo-Bolshevik" party!!!
  • Why aren't the Left tearing down statutes of Beringians because they were not very welcoming of European immigrants!!!
  • We are coming up on the 5 year anniversary of a very informative TRP interview with the great Dr. Burton Folsom... He very clearly showed that rich people ARE NOT all alike!!!
  • The Fourth Estate is a rogue entity manipulating, shaping, and propagandizing the weakest among us!!!
  • The free and voluntary exchange that makes up Free Enterprise is always demonized by the Left because they don't have the talent to succeed without government help!!! ...Free Enterprise raises all boats and prevents violence and wars by it's very nature!!! ...The greatest economic force in the history of the universe is American Free Enterprise!!!
  • There is a Left-wing myth about the founding generation that there existed a great and "disproportionate amount of wealth" ...Actually as of the 1830's there were only 5 men in the country with fortunes above 5 million dollars and only 20 with fortunes over 1 million dollars!!! (source: Our Crowd, Stephen Birmingham)
  • Everything in Thomas Jefferson's platform is applicable today!!!
  • Throughout the history of the country the names of our political friends & enemies have changed but the very things we are fighting for remains almost exactly the same!!! ...(Some of those on the Right that thought like us starting from the beginning: Radical Whigs/Revolutionaries, Anti-Federalists, GOP Jeffersonian Republicans, Jacksonian Democrats, Locofoco Democrats, Grover Cleveland Bourbon Democrats, Robert Taft Republicans, Goldwater Republicans, Reagan & Trump Republicans) ...(Those on the Left that opposed us: Tories/Loyalists, Federalists, Henry Clay Whigs, Lincoln Republicans, Jennings Bryan Democrats, Woodrow Wilson Democrats, FDR Democrats, further progressives like LBJ, the Clintons & Obama.)
  • The rise of the Federal Income tax in 1913 is explained and the failures of the original America tariff system...
  • Which author was closer to the truth about the Left: George Orwell or Aldous Huxley???
  • William Leggett was a New Yorker from the early 1800's that John & Frank would be proud of!!!
  • John From Conn's kids are actually asked in their high school history classroom whether the great men that built this country should be called "Captains of Industry" or the Left-wing term "Robber Barons!!!" ...LOL!... Thanks to their TRP training John's kids quickly schooled their peers and turned their classmates around... convincing them that those heroes should actually be referred to as the "Titans of Industry" for all they accomplished that bettered the lives of the American people!!!

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