Sunday, December 15, 2019

TRP! (12/13/19)

  • America "just keeps winning big" on every front despite the bungling "Do-nothing Democrat's" obsessive yet futile attempts to take DJT and our country down at every turn!!! ...Everything they pathetically try always fails!!!
  • "Looks like we've gotten something for Christmas that everyone here on TRP has wanted for quite some time... Republicans who will finally fight back!!!"
  • Conservative PM Boris Johnson Makes Britain "Great" Again! Secession-bound Britain will Leave the EU!
  • "Clowns" isn't even the word to describe these awful Leftists...
  • "3 years later they are still seething at the fact that "the crooked ole bitch" lost!!! ...They have a sick obsession!!! ...It's not only DJT they hate but the people that voted him in!!!"
  • "The Democrats will suffer mightily in 2020... They must feel that this is hell on earth and that the devil is constantly tormenting them!!!" ...They scammed the American people for 8-years with the "Foreign Occupier" and now they are getting what they deserve!!!"
  • "DJT is like Sampson pulling down the temple of liberal Democrat lies!!!"
  • "Thanks to the "DJT ECONOMIC MIRACLE" we have achieved FULL EMPLOYMENT!!!"
  • Looks like we are working steadily and productively towards Frank's predicted goal (on 8/24/18) that the stock market will reach 30K!
  • "Nancy Pelosi is in the Hall of Fame of Stupidity!!!"
  • "Nadler is like Humpty Dumpty with a gavel!!!"
  • Will the Democrats show "profiles in courage" and stand by their obsessive radical beliefs??? Or will they run like rats off their sinking ship as DJT and the country keep on winning!!!
  • Laughably "the crooked ole bitch" thinks she will ride in on a white horse like Lady Godiva and save her crack pot party at the last minute!!!
  • Remember it is about "Senile Ole Slow Joe's" famous "3-Letter word"... "JOBS! JOBS!! JOBS!!!"
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