Sunday, September 12, 2021

TRP! (9/10/21)

  • Frank & John remember the greatest "Hate Crime" in American History, the 9/11 genocidal holocaust... ...They recount that hauntingly unforgettable day from their very unique and personal perspective...
  • They lost their first producer Rod Coppola that horrific day.. ...A man that simply went to work one morning but never came home... ...He and the other 2995 "martyrs" are honored and will never be forgotten...
  • The Biden Regime goes back on their word as they tyrannically enact a "Free Enterprise crippling edict..." ...A jab mandate on the private sector!!!
  • The Senile ole Bastard is a mere puppet of the "Foreign Occupier..."
  • Scumbag America hating vermin Bill Maher landed like a cat on its feet at Leftist HBO after having his ABC Politically Incorrect show cancelled for calling "Americans the cowards" not the terrorists!!!
  • To the "Neo-Bolshevik" fanatics only whites and Christians can commit hate crimes... ...Sure right... ...we are all just Islamophobic!!!
  • America never lost on the battlefields of Afghanistan!!! ...America was stabbed in the back!!!
  • "If Biden can unilaterally force us to get the jab what can he do with our guns!?!?"
  • "The Left are afraid of a free people!!! ...If you don't tote their Communist party line you are eliminated..."
  • "They can force us to get the jab but not the illegal invading scum flooding the border!!!"
  • "Leaving the billions of dollars of equipment to the filthy-towel-headed-terrorists was not 'incompetence,' it was a pure plan to destroy this country, our military, and our standing in the world..."
  • Why do Blacks overwhelmingly refuse the jab??? ...What are they afraid of???
  • "It was also a definitive plan to assassinate a right-winger at the Capitol on January 6th..." ..."Michael Leroy Byrd was tasked by Pelosi and the (CGC) centralized government complex and they rewarded him with protection!!!" ..."Whenever we talk about assassins we must always use their middle name!!!"
  • What enforces the Constitution!?!? ...The free people of the Republic divided into political units called the sovereign independent States!!! ...If a marriage or union becomes too abusive, threatening to leave maybe the only way to bring about positive change... ...But, after the long train of abuse becomes too intolerable and overwhelming, peacefully leaving or ultimately getting a divorce is the only answer!!! ...SEE THOMAS JEFFERSON'S PRINCPLES OF 1798!!!
  • As Thomas Jefferson (founder of the Republican party GOP) wrote, "When all government, domestic and foreign, in little as in great things, shall be drawn to Washington as the center of all power, it will render powerless the checks provided of one government on another, and will become as venal and oppressive as the government from which we separated."
  • Brave SC Governor Henry McMaster Vows to Fight Biden to the Gates of Hell!
  • Learn Bidenese!!!
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