Sunday, September 5, 2021

TRP! (9/3/21)

"Dystopia is our future unless the Left is stopped!!!"
  • The Senile Nasty Ole Bastard is just a malignant stooge... ...His handlers are wrecking the country... ...which was the "Foreign Occupier's" plan all along!!!
  • How low can this sad treasonous faux Presidential saga go!?!? ...What you have now is a stab in the back of America by this regime, the "Media Criminals," & the woke sell-out-to-China corporations...
  • How many unvetted terrorists have slipped into this country either via Afghanistan or from the overwhelmed Southern border!?!?
  • Who really knows what's going though Biden's toilet of a mind!?!? ...He is the Cadaver in Chief!!!
  • What is the real number of Americans "stranded" in Afghanistan!?!? ...Thank you Joe Talibiden...
  • The caskets come home of the 13 heroes and all Biden can do is look at his watch and turn his back on grieving mothers!!!
  • Frank properly defines "foul language!!!"
  • Biden thinks he's playing the part of Clint Eastwood...
  • The Left are living in a "apocalyptic comic book..."
  • There needs to be a cleansing in the next election!!!
  • Overturning Roe v. Wade would NOT outlaw abortion... ...just throw the matter back to the individual States where it Constitutionally belongs... ...Move to a State that more properly reflects your values if you choose!!!
  • The devils on the Left call Larry Elder the "blackface of white supremacy..."
  • Afghanistan virtually missing from New York Times front page amid Biden's foreign policy crisis...
  • Rylee McCollum, mother of one of the Fallen 13 Heroes puts Full Blame on Biden (mentions stolen election)...
  • Shana Chappell, mother of one of the Fallen 13 Heroes is banned from social media... BE HER VOICE!!!
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