Sunday, January 15, 2023

TRP! (1/13/23)

  • Don't worry it's in a locked garage with a Corvette!!!
  • They stole the election, Lied about what they injected into your body, Shut down your churches & schools, Destroyed your borders, Weaponized the gov’t against you, Destroyed your economy with inflation, Censored dissenters online... "Neo-Bolshevism" is here - Some just don’t realize it yet!!!
  • The House voted in favor of forming a new subcommittee (that will be chaired by Jim Jordan) to investigate the weaponization of the the FBI, DOJ, and the rest of the federal government. Every Republican voted yes and every Dem voted no.
  • The U.S. House votes to rescind over $70 billion in IRS funding that would have been used to hire 87,000 new IRS agents, 221-210.
  • Secretary of State Tony Blinken was the managing director of the Penn Biden Center and helped advise American universities how to get multi-million dollar donations from China.
  • Joe Biden bragged about getting a Ukrainian prosecutor fired who was investigating Hunter’s financial ties to Burisma Then Biden stole classified docs from the White House while he was VP that pertained to… Ukraine? This is Obstruction of Justice!!!
  • McCARTHY confirms Swalwell, Schiff & Omar will be off committees they’d previously served: intel/foreign affairs. “Swalwell can’t get a security clearance in the private sector. I’m not going to give him a government security clearance. Schiff has lied to the American public…”
  • Ray Epps's Jan 6th Interview Gets Even Weirder Than His 'I Orchestrated It' Text...
  • “Hola California!”
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