Sunday, June 25, 2023

TRP! (6/23/23)

  • The Left knows nothing is going to happen to Biden or themselves because they control the "Media Criminals" and drive the deep state!!!
  • The Left is spitting daily in the face of John Q. American!!!
  • When DJT reassumes his rightful place the shit is going to hit the fan!!! ...He is the only one with the guts to do what needs to be done!!!
  • We are losing our Republic to the Neo-Bolsheviks!!!
  • This country cannot stand for Liberty with these Leftist criminals in charge!!!
  • The rich guy that went to orgy island is telling us to eat lab grown meat...
  • The Left can rationalize anything as we slide into the abyss of Neo-Bolshevik chaos!!! ...Soon we will become Soylent Green!!!
  • A freshman Congresswoman from Florida who is 7 months pregnant just censured Adam Schiff, one of the most powerful Democrat leaders in Congress... Uniparty weaklings tried to stop her, but these new Republican leaders aren’t in DC to play nice!!! Thank you @RealAnnaPaulina!!!
  • Joe Biden and Barack Obama knew about it. Hillary Clinton fabricated it. The FBI orchestrated it. And the mainstream media sold it. Trump-Russia collusion was all a made-up HOAX, and the new Republicans WILL get accountability for the American people!!!
  • Nice summary of the corruption!!!
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