Saturday, November 13, 2021

TRP! (11/12/21)

  • Kyle Rittenhouse and the rest of America now knows when it comes to the Left there is a difference between "prosecution and persecution!!!"
  • Judge Bruce Schroeder really gave it good to that hack "political persecutor" Assistant District Attorney Thomas Binger!!!
  • The Left tried to intimidate the jury... ...This is what happens in Bolshevik countries!!!
  • Why aren't they prosecuting the mayor of Kenosha or the governor of Wisconsin that told the police to stand down!?!?
  • Kyle clearly acted in self-defense... ..."The first law of nature is self-preservation!!!"
  • What a composed kid Kyle is... handled himself with class and dignity during the Left-wing riot and now on the stand!!! ...He was there to save lives and protect property when the law abandoned them all... ...Kyle is a hero forever traumatized by the Left!!! ...He killed vermin that were trying to kill him and he should be thanked!!!
  • This is the deterioration of society under "Neo-Bolshevism" where the innocent get persecuted and the government backs the criminals!!!
  • The Leftist devils have painted this kid (as of course) "a white supremacist" for killing 3 vile white criminals!!!
  • Overpaid twisted abnormal scumbag Lebron James shamefully makes fun of Kyle's panic attack...
  • "If they can do this to an innocent boy they can do this to any white person in this country..."
  • "You cannot cooperate, compromise, or coexist with this type of insanity!!!" ..."How can you rationalize with a mad dog because that's what they are!!!"
  • "White people are the laboring serfs for the Leftist lords of the manor..."
  • "This is now Jungle Law... riot, loot, burn, murder, threats... ...He who screams the loudest  and threatens the most wins!!!"
  • The human race is nothing more than parasites, feeding off of Gaia, to these enviro-pagans!!! ...All we humans do is eat too much, buy too much, and waste too much food...
  • Food has always been the #1 weapon of the Left!!! ...Hunger & Starvation... track it through out history!!! ...Read Hungry Ghosts by great TRP guest Jasper Becker...
  • Thanks to the Biden Regime Americans will have to face the choice this winter of "Heat or Eat!!!"
  • Pete the Queer says that the supply chain problem is "racist roads..." ...Genius!
  • "Race is the raison d'etre for this criminal regime!!!"
  • Every day we pray for the Health of DJT!!!
  • All they have against DJT is his mean tweets!?!? ....REALLY!?!? ...JUST LOOK AT AND COMPARE THE RECORDS FOR GOD SAKES!!!
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