Sunday, November 28, 2021

TRP! (11/26/21)

  • Ignorant hateful devil Darrell Brooks supports Socialist Hitler who thought that blacks were "non-humans..."
  • The "Media Criminals" run to cover up for one of their own & his blatant hate crimes!!! ......"It wasn't him it was the SUV..." ..."Under stress he must have gotten anxious & stepped on the wrong pedal..." ...LOL sick bastards!!!
  • "Who taught him that hate!?!?" 
  • The Biden Regime is committing "economic crimes against the American people!!!" ...Really Economic Crimes Against Humanity!!!
  • George Soros-funded communist prosecutors blame all crime on “racism” and “white supremacy!!!”
  • Oh No watch out!!! comes the "Omicron variant..." ...(Variant names now change more frequently than hurricane names...) ...Basing nothing on science as per usual, "Racist & Xenophobic" Biden uses this as an excuse to ban travel from 7 African nations!!!
  • Let's just continue to blindly repeat the Leftist lockdown/masking/you-must-obey/jab-every-child/shut-down-all-the-schools-and-churches/Fauci-is-gawd talking points...
  • Seth Rogan is stupid, living in an out-of-touch bubble, minimizing "Democrat-run" inner-city crime saying basically, "people just need to get used to it and shut up..."
  • "There is a 100% non-recidivist rate amongst criminals that have been executed..."
  • Once again the American "trial by jury" system proves to be Individual Liberty's last hope... ...Thank you Thomas Jefferson & James Madison!!!
  • END Leftist "Persecutoral misconduct!!!"
  • Frank thoroughly goes over the Kennedy assassination... ...Firmly believing Castro was behind it... ...Uncle Warren believes it was Russia... ...George the Atheist calls in with questions whether the mafia was connected...
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