Sunday, November 21, 2021

TRP! (11/19/21)

  • The LEFT WILL NOT ACCEPT THE JURY'S VERDICT!!! ...They are committing insurrection against our legal system by attacking the honorable judge & jury!!!
  • It is a time of celebration and a triumph for the American people as Kyle Rittenhouse was found NOT GUILTY as the heroic jury upheld the law and didn't cower to the Left-wing mob!!!
  • Hopefully Kyle now sues the crap out of all the Leftist scum starting with the "Media Criminals" and then going after Biden who slandered him by calling him a "white supremacist" while he was a candidate running for President...
  • The Left never used the word "child" when it came to Kyle protecting himself against that vermin...
  • Thomas Jefferson warned against the Leftist mobocracy!!! 
  • The "Media Criminals" have whipped up the mob to riot, burn, and steal with their long train of false narratives!!!
  • The Left would ONLY have been happy if Kyle was beaten to death by the mob...
  • Kyle will be awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by DJT in 2025!!!
  • Our system is based on "the rights of the individual" the Left's system is based on "the rights of government!!!"
  • The Left is ANGRY and have made martyrs out of the 3 pieces of criminal scum Kyle killed in self-defense but show NO ANGER for the 13 Heroes murdered in Afghanistan!!!
  • Richard Nixon was not a conservative... ...He was a progressive... ...John & Frank list off his Leftist actions...
  • We are just "collateral damage" to the Left... ...Our pain means nothing to them...
  • WHY wasn't MSNBC raided after they followed the jury bus!?!?
  • "BBB is not Build Back Better but a BIG BAG of BULLSHIT!!!
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